About Wushu


The term wushu is Chinese for “martial arts” (武 “Wu” = military or martial, 术 “Shu” = art) that is used to encompass Chinese martial arts in general, which is commonly known as kung fu in Western societies.

Wǔshù 武术 (n) – “Martial Art”
Wushu, the ancient fighting art of China, is both contemporary sport and a traditional method of self defense and natural healing.
Wushu’s many styles date back to early Chinese society when tools and weapons came into use.

Florida Wushu Kung Fu Academy


Florida Wushu Kung Fu Academy (FWKA) is founded by Sifu Rafael Rivero, a professional wushu athlete and champion with over 30 years of experience, Sifu Rafael had the tutelage of Grand Masters as Dr. Qian Lan Hen, Dr. Charles Phan Hoang, Zhang Zhi Guo and as well as other masters. At FWKA, our primary focus is on the development of the student’s personal growth and physical exercise. By participating in demonstrations and performances, the student gain confidence, self esteem and prepare themselves for future competitions at local, regional, national and international level.